Hotel Bed Bug Package BBE-302

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Hotel Bed Bug Package BBE-302

Hotel Bed Bug Package BBE-302 Inculdes;

One Eliminator Compact (Cube) Bed Bug Heater
One Eliminator Compact (Cube) Air Mover
One Eliminator AC/PTAC Splitter
One 15' Power Cord
One IR Thermometer
One Manual
FREE Consultation
14,000 Btu's
4,103 Watts
Treat Up to 175-200 Sq Ft

Equipment Details

Eliminator Compact (Cube) Bed Bug Heater

14,000 Btu's
4,103 Watts
Thermostatically Controlled
Built In Fan
Built In Timer

Eliminator Compact (Cube) Air Mover

1 Speed
Designed to Work High Temperatures Associated for Killing Bed Bugs
2.5 Amps
1,150 CFM
14" x 14" x 12"
19.5 Lbs

Eliminator AC or PTAC Splitter

The Eliminator AC/PTAC Splitter is a essential part of the Hotel Packages.
It uses your 15/20amp/220vac AC plug and converts it to 2 12 amp 110vac plugs.
This allows you to plug 2 of the 4 heating elements from the
Eliminator Pest into the Eliminator AC/PTAC Splitter
and the other 2 plugs can be plugged into 2 15/20amp/110vac circuits
in the room in most cases

Power Cords

12 Gauge Lighted Power Cords

IR Thermometer

Hand held Non-Contact LCD IR Digital Temperature Thermometer Gun

Eliminator C Manual

Eliminator C User Manual

Hotel Quick Start Guide

Hotel Instructional Guide

FREE Consultation

FREE Tech Support for All Bed Bug Equipment We Sell. Please Call 303-257-8056

Part Number

Part Number DHH-BBE-302

Bed Bug Package BBE-302 Updated 5-16-19

The Color of All Equipment, Heaters, Air Movers, Adapters and Cords
Are Subject to Availably

Please Call Eric Direct at 303-257-8056 for More Information

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